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Unlike many other recruitment sites EmploySA does NOT charge the recruiter to access your details, thus exposing you without restriction.  
Our secure system gives you the opportunity to select the items that you prefer to display in your advertisement including a head and shoulder photograph.
We suggest a regular visit to EmploySA to ensure both your details and C.V™ are up to date. PLUS updating your advertisement will improve your position in the recruiters search results.
Want to get started? CLICK on the Job Seeker registration button. What have you got to lose? You can select several confidentiality options, so your boss will never know it's you.

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In addition to being able to advertise yourself to the thousands of recruiters that use EmploySA you can also search the jobs section to view current opportunities that have been posted by both blue chip organisations and employment agencies. You will need to register as a job seeker to use this service but you do not have to advertise yourself.
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