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GO GREEN  Save Paper - Save A Tree
Did you know that 1 tree makes approximately 16 reams of paper or 8000 sheets? By using fax2email to receive your faxes, you are reducing the need for paper thereby making a large impact on the environment and eco system. 
Receive faxes directly to email, for free! There's no need for a dedicated telephone line or fax machine and the service is never engaged. No specialised or costly software is required, just your fax2email number and an email account. That's it.
Fax2Email offers these advantages:
  • it uses any existing email address
  • it can receive several faxes at once, like email
  • it ensures security and privacy of faxed information
  • it saves on paper, toner and telephone costs
  • it enables you to forward, print, save and delete faxes
  • user administration allows you to view faxes received

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